Mancave Ideas

Chill time is important!

The Mancave

A mancave is a space at home that is dedicated to chilling out after a long day and possibly hiding from your spouse 😉

We can’t guarantee that he/she won’t follow you out there though…


Having a garden room building installed is a great way to create a perfect mancave space at home. 

  • Detached from the home for total privacy and noise control. 
  • Fully insulated for year-round use.
  • Cheaper than an extension or other traditional home extension options.

That’s why we’ve explored some great mancave ideas to get you inspired…


This mancave idea is fun for the whole family. Garden cinemas aren’t just a summertime activity when your cinema is situated in a fully insulated garden room. Get creative by adding a bar section complete with snacks so you get the full cinema experience.


Many rooms in traditional houses aren’t the right shape, size or location in the house to suit being a games room. This is why a garden games room is the perfect solution. You can design the perfect shape and size to suit whatever games you have in mind. 



With many people working from home at the moment, sometimes it’s hard to escape the working day. Creating a fun and exciting garden bar gives you an excuse to get away, relax and reset. 



Making space at home to fully appreciate your favourite sport is often met with some resistance from the rest of your household. Finding something that everyone enjoys is tough, so take yourself out of the equation and out of the house for that matter! A sports room can be your escape to watch your sport, play your sport or display all of your cherished memorabilia. 

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